A classic method in user-centered design is the development of user personas.
For this user experience research project, my partner and I observed and interviewed people using the self-checkout counters at a local drugstore.
An initial sketch of the interface components.
After speaking with the users about their checkout habits, expectations about the interface, and experiences, I formulated two personas with corresponding empathy maps and mental models. Each persona encapsulated a few trends and common characteristics that we observed among our interviewees.
Personas are archetypal characters of target users. These empathy maps sketch out more personal attributes that help bring the characters to life.
I then developed and illustrated a storyboard to represent one persona's user journey. Going forward, I will use these personas to help clarify the goals of a redesigned interface, and test my hypotheses against their experiences. The personas will help bring specificity and empathy to the redesign process.


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