Assignment: Using a classmate’s description of two aquatic animals found in the RISD nature lab, I created multiple sketch models that responded to their words. I did not know the name of the animal but could liberally interpret the words used in the description. Some of these models were "looks like" models, while others were "works like" models.

Materials: blue foam, copper wire, foamcore, paper, string
Role: designer, fabricator
"the legs are angled like those of a spider"

"bullet shaped body, pointed nose, tapers towards tail"

"whisps and tufts of green algae on the body and legs"

"each leg is comprised of eight segments"

"long dorsal fin; side fins flap back and forth"

"it has a wide, oval shape, and is covered in 1/8”-1/4” spikes"

"it has small pinchers by its mouth, likely used for feeding"


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